chode festivities 2005
12. - 14. 8. 2005
the folklore group postřekov is undergoing the season of the return to the roots, the old, forgotten songs and the original dances are being refreshed. the people are hardly working with intrinsic passion. many of its members fulfil themselves this way, which naturally proves in the results. the performances always sparkle with energy, enthusiasm, and many smiles. check the performance and see the fruits of the work, and of course look forward to bunches of the new stuff.
12. 8. -- almost traditional performance together with chodská vlna band. takes place close to the chode castle. start about 8:30PM.

13. 8. -- postřekovský vokýnko/postřekov mirror -- first of intended series of programs, this time called `a revision', takes place at the gate on the square, starts 12:00PM
chodská omladina/chode youth, takes place under the castle, starts 8:00PM.

14. 8. -- klenotnice/treasury.)), takes place at the open cinema, starts 2:00PM.