The folklore group Postřekov

The folklore group Postřekov celebrated the 70. anniversary of its existence in the 2003. Due to this, the group coming from nearly the most distinctive village in Chodsko is ranked one of the oldest folklore groups in the Czech Republic. The group is of prosperity nowadays. Firstly, the shows consisting of songs and dancing coming from the upper Chodsko are performed at various festivals in Czech Republic and even in foreign countries. Secondly, the old shows are successfully restored and made ready for performance, and also the new songs are arranged and integrated. In the 2003, the CD "Zahraj mi houdečku" was released featuring the contemporary repertoire.

The organisational director of the group is Radek Zuber. The dancer Petr Buršík and the singer/dancer Antonín Kuželka cooperate together as the artistic directors. As for the musical aspect, all the members of the music band dispose of the leadership giving appropriate hints and advice. Except for the solo singers and the music band, the important part of the group consists of about fifteen pairs of dancers. The typical composition of the shows are composed of interluded songs with combination of the young and the old dancers and singers while performing the particular songs. The themes of the performance include various folk customs, activities corresponding to important (even religious) seasons, and even the tails and habits of the time, e.g. wedding ceremony, Christmas carols, and even "bugaboos".

The folk costumes, and the additional decorations are thoroughly kept in accord with the historical ones. There is a close cooperation with old-timers, historians, and ethnographers. This all helps to make up the representation of the region of the upper Chodsko to foreign countries.

The music band "Sekáči" is working under the leadership of the bagpipe player Richard Vísner since 2000. The following skilled players feature the band: Roman Kalous on Es clarinet, Jan Hrbáček on Bb clarinet, Pavel Ježek on violins, and Tomáš Kulhánek on contrabass. As for the goals of the band, it is to mention the refreshing of the original cast (a small country band - bagpipe, violins, and es clarinet), and arrangements in quasi-polyphonic forms which were much more common earlier.

Except for the shows at festivals and festivities which are performed in huge cast and the whole band, the slightly intimate concerts with the small country band together with few solo singers are played too.